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Students recap events, present research, and more

Final Biden Administration Update

A ground-breaking (and controversial) off-shore wind project gets federal approval. Read more here.

Recap: Spring 2021 Frizzell Series Keynote

Hannah Wilson-Black ’23

Were you unable to attend the Frizzell Series Keynote on May 19? Read the recap of the event here.

In Case You Missed It: Recap for Chicago Futures’ “The Post-COVID City” with Emily Talen

Hannah Wilson-Black ’23

In her March 31st Chicago Futures lecture and Q&A, urban studies Professor Emily Talen honed in on how urban planning and design may and should change after the pandemic has ended.

Biden Administration Update

Hannah Wilson-Black ’23

The American Jobs Plan and its Discontents: How hard can it be to be pro-union and anti-carbon? Kind of hard, actually.

In Case You Missed it — Chicago Futures: The Blue City

Hannah Wilson-Black ’23

February 17th’s lecture and panel Chicago Futures: The Blue City was a lively and timely conversation between a few of Chicago’s foremost water scholars and problem-solvers. Professor and PGE program director Sabina Shaikh moderated the discussion, and you can read the recap here.

For the Biden Administration, Environmental Justice is a Visible Priority

Hannah Wilson-Black ’23

As many environmental activists and journalists have noted, the environmental justice (EJ) movement was in the spotlight in this election cycle in a way that it hasn’t been before. Perhaps it was only natural that environmental justice be on the ballot in 2020, as recent natural disasters and visible activism among young people have raised the nation’s awareness of the issue.