Yuna Song

Yuna Song, AB'19

Name, Graduation Year: Yuna Song, AB 19
Majors: Environmental and Urban Studies and Visual Arts

Yuna Song is an incoming fourth year Environmental Studies and Visual Arts double major with a strong passion for sustainable fashion. Yuna recently recieved an award from the Student Fine Arts Fund with UChicago Arts, for her proposal to design a zero-waste fashion collection. She hopes to dedicate her life towards environmental justice and sustainable fashion after college. In the meantime, she spends her free time feeding her “healthy” addictions to thrifting, indoor gardening, and making sustainable clothes in her room. On campus, Yuna is involved with the RSOs: PSI, Fire Escape Films, Splash! Chicago, and she works on-campus as a Barista at Ex LibrisI. She also participated in last quarter's Calumet Quarter. One of her favorite things about Calumet was how it allowed her to meet some spectacular friends who shared similar interests in sustainability.

This summer Yuna was a Policy Intern for Resiliency and Sustainability at the Mayor's Office in City Hall. When asked about what she enjoyed about her internship, Yuna replied "'I loved learning about Chicago's various initiatives and policies that directly and/or indirectly affect Chicagoans' day-to-day lives: how they are made, implemented, and analyzed. However, my favorite part of my work is definitely the people around me - everyone is working on something interesting and I can learn so much about the city just by striking up a casual conversation in the break room." Thanks for sharing Yuna!

Check out Yuna's blog post about sustainable fashion here.