UChicago Funding

For a complete list of UChicago funding opportunities, visit: http://ccsa.uchicago.edu/scholarships-and-fellowships

Metcalf Fellows Program

The Jeff Metcalf Fellows Program provides paid, substantive internships exclusively to first, second, and third year students in the College at the University of Chicago. While the actual opportunities may differ slightly each year, internships are available throughout the United States and other countries with opportunities offered in a wide variety of fields, including Arts & Culture, Business, Government & Public Policy, International, Research and Education, and Social Change.

Metcalf internships generally offer full-time work for 10 weeks during the summer, though employers and students determine the official internship period and hours together. These internships offer competitive compensation, which is usually $10 per hour or the industry standard.

A complete list of Metcalf job descriptions for summer will be available on InterviewTRAK in early December. All application deadlines occur during Winter Quarter. For questions regarding any portion of the Metcalf Fellow Program, please visit the CAPS website or schedule a CAPS appointment by calling 773-702-7040.

Journalism Internship Program

The Journalism Internship Program provides support for University of Chicago undergraduate and graduate students who want to gain the real-world, hands-on experience in preparation for a successful career in Journalism. The Program provides each intern $3,000 to pursue their individual journalistic interests in an internship that would otherwise be unfunded. Students are expected to complete 300 hours of service during Summer Quarter and to provide a summary of their experience to CAPS in the form of an end-of-summer report.

Program participants will be chosen during Spring Quarter. For questions regarding any portion of the Journalism Internship Program, please visit the CAPS website or schedule a CAPS appointment by calling 773-702-7040.

Summer Links Program

Summer Links is an intensive 11-week, paid ($4000) internship program for 30 returning College and graduate students committed to public service, community building, and social change. Started in 1997 and sponsored by the Dean of the College, Summer Links has placed 300 students in substantive internships with more than 130 nonprofit and public sector organizations throughout the Chicago area. In addition to an internship, students live on campus with other Summer Link participants and take part in regular seminars, discussions, and service projects designed to help them become more effective community builders. Housing is provided.

Applications for the Summer Links program are due early in Winter Quarter, and information sessions are held periodically during Fall Quarter. For questions regarding any portion of the Summer Links Program, please visit the UCSC website or call UCSC at 773-753-GIVE.

Human Rights Program Internship

The Human Rights Internship Program offers a select group of University of Chicago students the opportunity to learn the skills and understand the difficulties inherent in putting human rights into practice. Since its establishment in 1998 the Internship Program has helped place more than 150 students with non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies and international bodies around the world. The Human Rights Internship Program is unique in its flexibility, providing each intern $5000 to pursue their individual interests. Interns are selected through a highly competitive process in the fall quarter and Human Rights Program staff work with them throughout the rest of the academic year to secure appropriate placements and a viable work plan. Unless otherwise agreed upon, students will conduct their internship in Summer quarter.