Sam Joyce

Sam Joyce, AB'20

Name, Graduation Year: Sam Joyce, AB 20
Major: Environmental and Urban Studies

Last spring, Sam was also one of the lucky students to be involved in the Calumet Quarter. One of Sam's highlights from Calumet was "the chance to get out of the classroom and out of Hyde Park. There are a lot of beautiful natural areas just minutes from campus that are home to a wide variety of plants and wildlife, and exploring those places was a highlight of the quarter".

This summer Sam is working as a research assistant at the Center for Spatial Data Science, a joint initiative of the Division of Social Sciences and the Computation Institute which aims at developing state-of-the-art methods for geospatial analysis, spatial econometrics, and geo-visualization and applies them to policy-relevant research in the social sciences. His research focuses on the spatial determinants of public health. When asked about what his favorite part of his job, Sam replied “I enjoy the process of transforming what looks like a random set of data into useful pieces of knowledge.”