Chicago Studies Quarter: Calumet: The Calumet Quarter is a one-quarter, intensive, experience-based program in environmental studies and will be held again in the Spring Quarter 2018. This is a one-quarter sequence designed to help you bridge theory and practice in environmental studies. The program features three integrated courses, projects, field trips, guest lectures, and presentations.  Students will work in the classroom and field as they integrate perspectives from the sciences, humanities, and social sciences in the study of local environments and communities.
Chicago Studies Certificate Program:  The Chicago Studies Certificate Program is a series of curricular and co-curricular opportunities designed to help undergraduate students meaningfully integrate their academic inquiry with positive impact in Chicago across their College careers.  A collaboration with the University's Office of Civic Engagement, the Certificate Program will be facilitated by the University Community Service Center (UCSC) with academic support from PGE faculty and preceptors, and has been designed to provide pathways for any undergraduate student in any major to apply their academic interests to concrete social issues and public questions in Chicago in collaboration with community entities. Completion of the Chicago Studies Certificate fulfills the internship requirement for the Environmental and Urban Studies major.
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Student Advisory and Research Council: The SARC serves as the official committee for student engagement in activities, events and programming, communications and research projects for the program and its partners. The SARC will be responsible for the operation and management of PGE's two student-led working groups: the Environmental, Food and Agriculture (EAF) working group, and the Frizzell Speaker & Learning Series.
Frizzell Family Speaker and Learning Series: The Frizzell Family Speaker and Learning Series (the “Frizzell Series”), is a year-long, student organized series of events engaging fields of the agriculture, environment, health and best practices drawn from social sciences inquiry. The Frizzell Series is meant to commemorate the life, accomplishments and aspirations of Alexandra Frizzell. As a tribute to Alex as friend, student and advocate, annual planning for the Frizzell Series is led by student leaders from areas of campus life that mattered most to her: social and health advocacy, student-centered learning in areas such as economics, environment and public policy, and the Greek system.