Molly Fortnow

Molly Fortnow, AB'20

Name, Graduation Year: Molly Fortnow, AB 20
Majors: Environmental and Urban Studies, minor in Computer Science

This week for our #studentspotlight we are highlighting Molly Fortnow, an incoming third year majoring in Environmental and Urban Studies and minoring in Computer Science.

This summer, Molly attended the Wanxiang Ambassador Fellows program in China where she spent 6 weeks learning about clean energy development in China. When asked about her favorite part of her experience in China, Molly replied “I loved learning about sustainable urban design and thinking of creative solutions to energy and environmental problems in cities. The opportunity to go to China this summer and learn about how they are tackling problems like air pollution and dependency on coal was really exciting, as was getting to visit cities and see how these problems are being faced every day.”