Frederic Repond, AB '15

Frederic Repond, AB '15

Current role: Senior Associate, Strategy & Innovation, American International Group (AIG)
Location: New York, NY
Social media: LinkedIn

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your current job?

I am passionate about sustainable development and believe that businesses are essential to a healthy economy, society and environment. I currently work as a senior strategist at AIG where I design and manage strategies for our North America General Insurance group, representing half of our company’s commercial business, including environmental, cyber, mergers & acquisitions, healthcare, property, surety, trade credit, political risk, casualty and even kidnap and ransom insurance. I targeted commercial insurance post-graduation because I believe that insurance is often economically and socially aligned with its clients: if their clients suffer tragedy, so does the insurance company. Due to this alignment, insurance companies have a powerful business incentive to proactively reduce the risk of their clients, from climate change to cyber security to political instability.

What have you been up to since graduating from the University of Chicago?

AIG extended a return offer for me to join AIG Environmental as a full-time underwriting analyst in their New York office after my third-year summer internship in Chicago. At AIG Environmental, I analyzed, priced, built, negotiated and sold environmental insurance to commercial clients; I was even responsible for my own book of business and building broker relationships. A year later, I was given the opportunity to join our Strategy & Innovation team where I have worked for the past two years. I have managed our global WorldRisk and Cyber Strategic Growth Initiatives, facilitated our monthly strategy reviews, designed and developed our Resilience Solutions Initiative to make cities and businesses more resilient to risks like climate change, and have even had the opportunity to chair our global Sustainability Working Group to propose and implement a corporate sustainability strategy.

How has the Program on the Global Environment helped you in your career?

Raised by particle physicists, I grew up with an appreciation of the interconnectedness of natural systems. UChicago’s Program on the Global Environment (PGE) built upon this foundation by teaching me how interdependent economic and social networks are. PGE enabled me to explore the nuanced benefits of market theory while acknowledging market failures and exploring how these failures can be corrected through individual, government and corporate means. For example, I never thought that private insurance capital could be mobilized to improve city and business resilience to climate change, and yet what industry has more to gain from resilience than insurance? 

Can you tell us about some of your hobbies and interests?

I absolutely love to ski. My mother taught me how to ski, and her number one rule was to be the master of the skis, not the other way around. Her lessons implicitly emphasized natural interconnectedness, because if I treated my skis and the mountain with respect and control, I could prevent serious injury and avalanches. Not only could I prevent disaster, but I could also enjoy the beauty of creation to the fullest. Skiing today reminds me of the beauty of the world we live in, and how, with proper respect and mastery, we can live in prosperous, joyful economic, social and environmental harmony.