Can I write one BA for two majors? 

Yes, although you have to petition the college (Office of the Dean of Students) by the end of 10th week of fall quarter. 

Do I need to take the environmental and urban studies BA colloquium?

The environmental and urban studies major requires that you take a BA colloquium to guide you in the writing of your BA thesis. If you are a double major and have petitioned the college to use one thesis for both majors, you may choose which major to take the BA colloquium in. The environmental and urban studies department encourages students to take the BA colloquium in the environmental and urban studies major, as it will help them meet the deadlines for the ENST major. Should you choose to take the BA colloquium in your second major, you will need to make sure you stay up to date with the requirements for the environmental and urban studies major and you should schedule meetings with the BA preceptors in ENST to ensure you are staying on track.

Where can I go to find examples of BA theses?

Past BA theses can be found in Gates-Blake 113 and you are welcome to browse them. Visit the program administrator in Gates-Blake 110 for access to 113, or email one of the preceptors to schedule a time to look through them.

When do I take the BA colloquium?

You take the BA colloquium the Fall quarter of your senior year. There is an additional optional Winter colloquium, to help you continue to make progress on your thesis. 

When do I need to have a topic for my BA thesis?

You will be required to submit a topic form the Spring of your third year, that includes a title or a topic for your thesis and indicates who your faculty thesis adviser will be.

What is a faculty thesis adviser?

For your ENST BA thesis, you are required to have two readers. At least one of these readers must be a faculty member (any individual who has taught at least one stand-alone course at the University of Chicago), although you can have two faculty readers, should you choose to do so. The second reader is usually your BA preceptor.

How do I know which courses count towards the Environmental and Urban Studies major?

You can find a comprehensive list of approved courses here. In order to determine which track the course is approved for, or if it is an environmental science course, please sort the spreadsheet by track, or column D. 

2018-19 Track Designations/Requirements:
EEP: Environmental Economics and Policy
SNS: Socio-natural Systems and Frameworks
UE: Urban Environment
ES: Environmental Science

2019-20 Track Designations/Requirements:
UT: Urban Track
ET: Environmental Track
USS: Urban Social Science
EL: Experiential Learning

How do I know if a course satisfies the Geographical Sciences requirement?

Any course on this spreadsheet that has a parent department (found under column A) of GEOG will be an approved geographical science course. If you have questions about another course, please email Julie Erdmann (juliee@uchicago.edu). 


All deadlines must be met in order to fulfill the graduation requirements for the Environmental and Urban Studies major.

3rd years:

3rd year BA Meeting 
End week 7, Winter quarter

BA Preceptor Meeting
Complete meeting by end of week 4, Spring quarter

BA Topic Form
Due to the department
End of week 8, Spring quarter

4th years:

Double Major petition
Due to the Office fo the Dean of Students for seniors with two majors
End of week 10, Fall quarter

Program Course of Study Form
Once you declare your major, start filling out your course of study form and meet with the course requirements preceptor
End of week 2, Winter quarter 

Internship Evaluation Form
End of week 2, Spring quarter

Final BA Thesis
Due to your preceptor and faculty adviser
End of week 2, Spring quarter

Bound Copy of Final Thesis
Due to the department
End of week 7, Spring quarter

BA Thesis Poster Presentation
May 30, Classics 110


All forms needed for the major can be found here.