Environment, Agriculture, and Food Group

EAF is a scholarly working group focused on topics related to environment, agriculture and food in the Chicago metropolitan region and beyond.  EAF is a scholarly group and does not promote activism or advocacy or any particular positions but rather on the data collection and analysis to address relevant research questions.



Dr. Sabina Shaikh is the Director of the Program on Global Environment and  a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Public Policy Studies at the University of Chicago.  She founded and has directed the Environment, Agriculture and Food (EAF) working group since 2011. As an environmental economist, her research and teaching focuses on the economics of environmental policy and natural resource management, including market-based mechanisms for pollution control and the economic valuation of ecosystem services.  Her research ranges from urban sustainability related to climate change, water management and land use to the economics of ecosystem change in the developing world. She was recently the co-lead investigator on a grant by the National Science Foundation to study climate change and water sustainability in the Cambodia Mekong Delta. Dr. Shaikh teaches courses on environmental economics, public policy, agricultural and food policy, and runs practicum courses and experiential learning projects on topics including food sustainability, sports and environment, and greeing campus operations. Dr. Shaikh is a board and committee member for environmental organizations throughout Chicago including Greenleaf Advisors and the Delta Institute. . Dr. Shaikh has published in numerous scholarly journals including Land Economics, Ecological Economics and Economic Inquiry.  She has recently contributed book chapters to Natural Capital: Theory and Practice of Mapping Ecosystem Services, the Handbook of Metropolitan Sustainability and the forthcoming Handbook on Sport, Sustainability and the Environment. Dr. Shaikh holds a BA in Economics from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California at Davis.