Amy Tian

Amy Tian, AB'21

Name, Graduation Year: Amy Tian, AB 21
Majors: Public Policy and Biology

This week for our #studentspotlight, we have Amy Tian. Amy is an incoming second year double majoring in public policy and biology. Last academic year, Amy participated in our Documenting Ecosystems event and was the winner of the student exhibitions for her beautiful and socially conscious artwork.

This summer, Amy took a primate field research study class in Brazil with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco in Brazil. Amy’s research project focused on foraging patterns and spatial cognition of common marmosets in the Brazilian caatinga, a tropical dry forest biome. When asked about what she enjoyed about her time in Brazil, Amy replied “I loved how I was able to immerse myself in the environment of what I was studying and understand what makes field research so difficult yet thrilling. Above all, what I loved the most was the unity of the science community. Although many of us were from different countries and backgrounds, none of those differences mattered. Our passions for nature allowed us to collaborate and connect incredibly well, and it was utterly inspiring to see us all come together for the environment and conservation”.