Environmental and Urban Studies Major

Urban and environmental issues are inter-connected. Urbanization, climate change, habitat loss, pollution, food and energy needs, and issues of social justice and economic stability are among the most pressing issues facing contemporary societies. Environmental and urban processes operate at multiple scales, involving natural and human consequences that cannot be addressed solely from within a single discipline. Students will gain an understanding of the interconnected natural and urban realms, building their understanding of what sustainable development means and how opportunities and challenges can be met. The major motivates a deeper theoretical understanding of urbanism and nature, as well as practical strength in addressing urban and environmental challenges. It brings a spatial and place-based perspective to the study of these challenges, using built form and environmental context as key, conceptual lenses to investigate the social, cultural, economic and humanistic dimensions of urbanism.

Program of Study

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Frequently Asked Questions


Finish your meeting by the end of week 7, Winter quarter

Complete meeting by the end of week 5, Spring quarter

Topic form is due to the department by the end of week 8, Spring quarter.

Due to the Office for the Dean of Students for seniors with two majors by the end of week 10, Fall quarter

Once you declare your major, start filling out your course of study form and meet with the course requirements preceptor by the end of week 2, Winter quarter 

Due by the end of week 2, Spring quarter

Submit electronic copy (PDF) of your thesis to juliee@uchicago.edu by the end of week 2, Spring quarter. Julie will submit your BA thesis to your faculty adviser and graduate preceptor. Advisers/preceptors will return thesis with comments and revisions by the end of week 5, spring quarter.

Due by the end of week 7, Spring quarter. Incorporate all edits/comments from advisers/preceptors and email PDF to juliee@uchicago.edu along with shipping address to receive a bound copy. PGE will cover the cost of thesis binding for the 2021-22 academic year. Theses will be bound and shipped to students directly.

Occurs during Reading Period, Spring Quarter.

Environmental and Urban Studies Program of Study Forms

In order to be considered an Environmental and Urban Studies major you must declare with the College, complete one of the following program course of study forms based on your track, and meet with the course requirements preceptor.  If you have questions or are a new major, please contact PGE at pge@uchicago.edu.