One requirement of the B.A. program in Environmental and Urban Studies is completion of either an internship, fieldwork/field research, or Chicago Studies Certificate. This hands-on experience is intended to help students hone their academic focus (B.A. and beyond) as well as increasing their preparation for employment after graduation. Students should consult UChicago Handshake for internship opportunities and Chicago Studies for more information about the certificate program. 

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Internship information and program requirements

Environmental and Urban Studies majors are required to complete an internship before graduation. Visit the Career Advancement Green Careers Page for current internship opportunities. Most often, the internships are undertaken during the summer between third and fourth years, but there are other possibilities, and Chicago-area internships can be done while enrolled in courses. Upon completion of their internship, students are required to fill out an evaluation form and return to pge@uchicago.edu in week two of the quarter they plan to graduate. 

Frizzell Family Speaker and Learning Series

Frizzell Family Speaker and Learning Series: The Frizzell Family Speaker and Learning Series (the “Frizzell Series”), is a year-long, student organized series of events engaging fields of the agriculture, environment, health and best practices drawn from social sciences inquiry. The Frizzell Series is meant to commemorate the life, accomplishments and aspirations of Alexandra Frizzell. As a tribute to Alex as friend, student and advocate, annual planning for the Frizzell Series is led by student leaders from areas of campus life that mattered most to her: social and health advocacy, student-centered learning in areas such as economics, environment and public policy, and the Greek system.

Environmental Frontiers

Environmental Frontiers (EF) Campus (EFCampus) creates student-faculty research and educational opportunities focused on the intersection of environmental sustainability and urbanization, with the goal of giving UChicago undergraduate students a scientific and practical understanding of sustainable urban development. Spanning the physical, biological, social sciences and the humanities, the initiative complements existing and emerging course curriculum in Environmental and Urban Studies, Environmental Sciences, and other programs.

Galapagos Urbanization and Sustainable Development Program

The Galápagos Urbanization and Sustainable Development Program is an international research opportunity for UChicago undergraduate students to gain critical computational and policy skills necessary to become future leaders in sustainability. The Galápagos present an ideal case study as the islands have a controlled in/out flow of resources – energy, building materials, waste, transportation, food and goods.

During this 8-week summer program, UChicago students gain an understanding of how development patterns on the Galápagos can lead to solutions to manage urbanization in a way that is beneficial for both people and the natural ecosystems. Utilizing technological innovations, data mining, and computational analysis, if our students can understand sustainability in an ecosystem as delicate as these islands, then there may be hope for other environments across the globe.

University Resources

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