Virtual BA Thesis Symposium

June 4, 4-5:30pm

Virtually join our graduating 4th years as they present their BA thesis research project to students and faculty.

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2020 Graduating Students

Julia Hesse-Fong Improving Food System Resilience: Digital Food Sharing Pathways of Urban Agriculture in Chicago
Tatiana Krzesicki From Charger to Chassis: Expanding Illinois
State Alternative Fuels Policy to Incentivize
Electric Tractor Production and Adoption
Maddy Bol Meeting an Unmet Need: Understanding the Challenges and Barriers of Establishing a Safe Pharmaceutical Disposal Program   
Cynthia Long Court in the Act: A Quantitative Analysis of Section 4 Endangered Species Act
Laura Parker Blowing Away the Problem?: An Analysis of China's National Energy Administration Documents in Order to Understand Wind Curtailment
Sam Joyce Renters, Buildings and Scale: A Spatial Analysis of Urban Tree Cover in Chicago 
Ally Muszynski High Rise Living: The Change in Chicago Dwelling Patterns
Jaida Nabayan The Impact of Spatial Design on Perceptions of Visibility: A Case Study of a Neoliberal Library
Nick Villarreal Space and Place: Building Community in Little Village
Kimika Padilla Bird's Eye View: Local Perspectives from a Case Study of Aerial Cable Cars in Bogota, Columbia
Molly Fortnow Effects of a Chicago Complete Streets Project on Travel Behavior and Perceptions
Agnes Lo San Francisco Case Study: Pedestrian Safety and Bus Efficiency Tradeoffs
Daniel Weiss The Relationship Between Transit Access and Concentrated Disadvantage within Chicago
Josh Press-Williams The J-Pit in the Media
Kate Connors Landscape Evolution: Grounds for an Altered Perspective of Infrastructure Ruination in a Time of Ecological Crisis

Students will be presenting concurrently in the following breakout rooms:

1. Molly Fortnow 1. Kate Connors 1. Maddy Bol 1. Julia Hesse-Fong
2. Agnes Lo 2. Ally Muszynski 2. Cynthia Long 2. Sam Joyce
3. Daniel Weiss 3. Jaida Nabayan 3. Laura Parker 3. Kimika Padilla
  4. Nick Villarreal 4. Tatiana Krzesicki 4. Josh Press-Willliams

Symposium Schedule

6/4/2020 4-5:30pm
Introductions 4:00pm
Split into breakout rooms 4:05-4:10pm


Transportation and Mobility 4:10-4:35pm
Space and Place 4:10-4:40pm
Environment 4:10-4:40pm
Community Land Use 4:10-4:40pm

Q&A in Breakout Rooms

Transporation and Mobility 4:35-4:55pm
Space and Place 4:40-5:00pm
Environment 4:40-5:00pm
Community Land Use 4:40-5:00pm

Reconvene for Final Questions

Main Room 5:05-5:30pm