BA Thesis Symposium 2022

Environmental and Urban Studies and Geographical Sciences

Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 9:00am–6:30pm CT
1155 E. 60th St., Room 142
and Zoom (register here)


9:00–9:05am | Welcome

Neil Brenner & Sabina Shaikh


9:05–10:20am | Spatial Approaches and Analysis

Marynia Kolak, Facilitator

  • Ryan Brown | Back To The Future: Forecasting Multifamily Rent Growth
  • Andrea Domiter | The Price We Pay: Quantifying Urban Green Space Impact on Multi-Family In-Place Rents in Atlanta, GA
  • Isaac Rand | Reviving Civic Data: Methods in (Semi-)Automatically Digitizing Printed Census Maps
  • Christian Villanueva | Driving in America: Exploring County Level Characteristics that Drive Bias in Police Traffic Stops


10:30am–12:00pm | Food, Resources, and Justice

Sabina Shaikh, Facilitator

  • Defne Aksel | Transitioning to Sustainable Agriculture: A Case Study on France’s National Agroecology Program
  • Mari Knudson | Socio-Ecological Resilience in Chicago's Local Food System: An Analysis of Organizational Adaption During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Zebeeb Nuguse | Indian Land Grabs in Ethiopia: South-South Cooperation’s Role in Emboldening Ethiopian Development Aims While Concealing Structural Inequality and Contradiction
  • Alex Rubio | The Politics of the Resource Curse: The Limited Connection Between Politics and Resource Extraction and an Investigation Into Indigenous Politics in Bolivia
  • Jonathan Sabath | Historicizing Food Sovereignty in the Context of the Mexican Revolution and the 1980s Internal Conflict in Peru
  • Angel Soba | Food Justice in Chicago: Nonprofit Organizations Effectively Addressing Food Insecurity Through Community Engagement


12:30–1:50pm | Land, Policy, and Design

Evan Carver, Facilitator

  • Justin Bologna | Revitalization for Whom? A Critical and Spatial Analysis of Chicago's Neighborhood Opportunity Fund
  • Barrett Lopez | The Future of Chicago’s Transit-Oriented Development: A Quantitative Analysis of Ridership Using ACS and Zoning Variables 
  • Sindu Soundararajan | Structured, Scalable, and Just: Evaluating the Implementation of the Isle de Jean Charles Resettlement Project through Risk-Mitigation Strategies
  • An Trinh | The Vanishing Ethnic Stilt Houses: Change in Housing Ideologies or Conform to Contemporary Vietnam?
  • Rachel Vigil | Pedestrian Safety on Arterial Roads: A Study of Friction and Function between Key Decision Makers on Federal Boulevard,Denver, CO’s Deadliest Road


2:00–3:20pm | Environmental Frameworks and Law

Ray Lodato, Facilitator

  • Terra Baer | Necessary But Insufficient: Assessing the Alignment of the Proposed Definition of Ecocide with International Criminal Court Frameworks
  • Grace Lee | Shortcomings in Sustainability: How the Fashion Industry Makes Environmentally-Conscious Lifestyles Inaccessible to Consumers
  • Philippe Mendez | 25% Less Cardboard Used and 12,000 More Kids in School: How Impact Investors Use Measurement to Communicate Impact
  • Liam Rigney | Water-Shortage Remedies for the American Southwest: An Analysis of a Water Market for the Colorado River Basin as a Potential Solution
  • Ruby Rorty | Is There a Legal Path to Environmental Justice? Movement-Building, Strategic Litigation, and a Case Study of Chicago’s General Iron Dispute
  • Doris Wang | Hopes of Limiting Global Warming? China’s Commitment in the 2030 and 2060 Climate Pledge


3:30–4:50pm | Community, Participation, and the Public Sphere

Alison Anastasio, Facilitator

  • Fabi Bick | Re-Inventing Lawns: Investigating Perceived Values of Front Lawns in Hyde Park, Chicago and Possible Barriers to Sustainable Alternatives 
  • Daniela Espinosa | A Different Kind of Latino Urbanism: the Expression of Latino Identity in Pilsen's Built Environment
  • Brandon Limary | There Grows the Neighborhood: Regenerative Neighborhood Development in South Side Chicago
  • Maggie Macpherson | "How a Neighborhood Like Ours Thrives": Community Engagement in Design in Rogers Park
  • Julia Spande | Who Decides the Future? Investigating Smart City Design for Community Use in Bronzeville, Chicago


5:00–6:30pm | Reception & Graduate Celebration