Senior Thesis

A senior thesis is required for all Environmental and Urban Studies majors. The thesis gives students a valuable opportunity to conduct extended research, writing, and analysis on a topic of particular significance to them. Not only a capstone to their years of study at Chicago, the senior thesis also offers students a chance to clarify plans for future education and life experience or the choice of a career path.

Frequently, undergraduates who write and reason well are nevertheless unaccustomed to directing their own academic inquiry from within by formulating and conducting a research project from start to finish. The Program therefore offers significant faculty guidance and support in these independent projects. For this purpose, students choose expert advisors from University departments and elsewhere in Chicago and receive mentorship from Program faculty.

Some theses are not only self-styled but may take students to far-off places, both geographically and intellectually. The results are often remarkable in their scope and creativity.

Required BA Timeline 

3rd years:

3rd year BA Meeting 
End week 7, Winter quarter

BA Preceptor Meeting
Complete meeting by end of week 4, Spring quarter

BA Topic Form
Due to the department
End of week 8, Spring quarter

4th years:

Register for ENST 29801 (Autumn quarter) or ENST 29802 (Winter quarter)

Final BA Thesis
Due to your preceptor and faculty adviser
End of week 2, Spring quarter

Bound Copy of Final Thesis
Due to the department
End of week 7, Spring quarter

BA Thesis Poster Presentation 
Present during reading period of Spring quarter

All forms for the BA Thesis can be found here.