One requirement of the B.A. program in Environmental and Urban Studies is completion of either an internship or a field placement (hereafter “internships”) or Chicago Studies Certificate. This hands-on experience is intended to help students hone their academic focus (B.A. and beyond) as well as increasing their preparation for employment after graduation.

Many types of internships/field placements can satisfy the program’s requirement, for example:

  • Working at an environmental law firm in New Mexico with a focus on indigenous communities…
  • Measuring and addressing lead levels in Englewood (about a mile away from campus)…
  • Working for an advocacy organization on water shortage issues in Mumbai, India…

Students should consult UChicago Handshake for internship opportunities and Chicago Studies for more information about the certificate program. You can also schedule an appointment with Career Advancement to see what internships are available to you, and receive help with your resume and cover letter. Career Advancement's walkin-in hours are Mondays-Fridays from 3-4:45pm, or you can schedule an appointment with Meg Sieberg online through UChicago Handshake.

Internship information and program requirements

Environmental and Urban Studies majors who plan to do internships this school year or summer should contact Julie Erdmann to learn more about the internship program requirements and placement process.

Upon completion of their internship, students are required to fill out an evaluation form (including a brief itemization of expenses) and prepare a 500-750 word reflection on their experience. The current deadline for the form and reflection paper is October 5. (Download the evaluation form.) Please send to Julie Erdmann via email (


Environmental and Urban Studies majors are required to complete an internship before graduation. Most often, the internships are undertaken during the summer between third and fourth years, but there are other possibilities, and Chicago-area internships can be done while enrolled in courses.

For any additional questions about internships, please contact Julie Erdmann.

Open Internships

To search and apply for open internships, visit UChicago Handshake.

MAPSCorps | Field Coordinator
Deadline: ASAP
Open to all undergraduates

MAPSCorps is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based on the south side of Chicago. Born from the South Side Health and Vitality Studies at the University of Chicago, MAPSCorps uses an approach called asset-based community-engaged research to ensure that our science serves community priorities and needs. MAPSCorps and NowPow, a for-profit social enterprise, make up a self-sustaining collective social impact model that utilizes technology, cross-sector collaboration, and youth engagement to generate visibility for all the vital assets of a community.

Field Coordinators are graduate and undergraduate students who supervise high school Mappers, ensure high quality data collection in the field, and are responsible for the implementation of the MAPSCorps STEM-based, positive youth development curriculum. Field Coordinators are trained in data collection methods and are responsible for training youth mappers. In addition, Field Coordinators take on a nuanced mentorship role in which they build trust and relationships with youth mappers; this mentorship is intended to enhance learning objectives, provide broad academic and professional guidance, and ensure a meaningful youth mapper developmental experience. Field Coordinators will be expected to work 7 weeks for 40 hours per week starting Friday, June 21st through Friday, August 8th.

Apply here

2019 Galapagos Urbanization & Sustainable Development Undergraduate Research Program | Apply here
Open to current undergraduates only
Deadline: March 22, 2019

Most people associate the Galapagos Islands with Darwin, evolution, and a natural ecosystem with incredible biodiversity. However, the archipelago is urbanizing rapidly – what were once small fishing villages are now dense towns with populations in the tens of thousands, and show no signs of slowing growth rates. This isolated environment presents a unique opportunity for urban scientists to measure the relationship between human development and the natural environment, and to identify development management strategies that address the needs of both people and the myriad species endemic to the islands. Through analysis of this microcosm, the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation and its research partners aim to define macro processes that can inform sustainable development best practices for urban areas around the world.

The Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation will partner with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) and the Melbourne School of Design (MSD) to conduct the 2019 Galapagos Urbanization & Sustainable Development Study, which will begin to explore evolution of the built environment and recent resource consumption. Pritzker Director Luis Bettencourt has collaborated with USFQ and MSD in the past to apply principles of systems theory to explain challenges to urbanization in the Galapagos.

Apply here

Undergraduate Research Assistantship for Spring 2019
Program on the Global Environment/Urban and Environmental Research Group
Professors Emily Talen and Sabina Shaikh

Professor Talen and Shaikh are seeing a Research Assistant (15 hours/week), undergraduate level, for spring quarter 2019. The position will start as soon as possible, and continute through June 2019 wil the possibility of continuation through the summer.

The student will assist with the Urban and Environmental Research Group. Professors Talen and Shaikh are working on several ongoing research projects related to the study of urban sustainability. More information on the working group is available here.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis. For more information on how to apply, click here.

Opportunities for Graduating Students

Check back soon for more opportunities

Other Opportunities

Lecturer in Environmental and Urban Studies
Full-time position, requires a PhD.
Lecturer will teach 6 courses each academic year

Graduate Preceptors in Environmental and Urban Studies

Prize Lecturer in Environmental and Urban Studies
Application deadline: April 5, 2019

The Environmental and Urban Studies major invites proposals for a one-quarter undergraduate course to be taught in Winter of 2020. We welcome proposals for courses that deal with interdisciplinary environmental topics including but not limited to global environmental issues, sustainable development, environmental history, urban environment and urban design, human ecology, environmental ethics, or environment and food connections.

Additional details can be found here

Environmental and Urban Studies/Chicago Studies Preceptor
Application deadline: April 30, 2019

Responsibilities for the preceptor will focus on the curricular offerings of the Chicago Studies Program, which rests within Environmental and Urban Studies. Working closely with the Program Director, the preceptor will advise students on coursework and other requirements for the Chicago Studies Certificate, assist in creating Chicago Studies summer internships, and coordinate course- and research-focused events, roundtalbes, and workshops aimed at majors, Certificate program participants, and other interested students.

Additional details can be found here