Program on the Global Environment: Winter Quarter Bulletin

Read our Winter quarter bulletin to find out about new classes for the upcoming quarter, an introduction to new faculty, as well as upcoming events.

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Winter Quarter Bulletin

New Courses Winter 2018

ENST 23550. Urban Ecology and the Nature of Cities. UE*
M W 1:30-2:50pm
Instructor: Alison Anastasio

ENST 24765. Exploring the Resilient City. UE*
T Th 3:30-4:50pm
Instructor: Ray Lodato

ENST 24660. Urban Geography. UE*
T Th 9:30-10:50am
Instructor: Michael P Conzen

ENST 23650. Revolutionizing Agriculture: Early Modern Technologies for the New Millennium.
M W 10:30am-12:20pm
Instructor: Amy Coombs

ENST 23506. Being Human in the Anthropocene.
T Th 2:00-3:20pm
Instructor: Sarah E. Fredericks

ENST 22708. Planetary Britain, 1600-1900.
Th 2:00-4:50pm
Instructor: Fredrik Albritton Jonsson

ENST 20008. Understanding Standing Rock: Contemporary Native America.
T Th 12:30-1:50pm
Instructor: Justin Richland

UE* Urban environment track

The entire Winter 2018 course list can be found here.

New Faculty

Alison Anastasio, PhD
ENST 21301 Making the Natural World
ENST 23550 Urban Ecology and the Nature of Cities

Alison Anastasio will be joining the Program on the Global Environment as a full time lecturer in the Environmental and Urban Studies major for Winter quarter. Alison is a scientist who is broadly trained in ecology and evolutionary biology, with a research focus on the genetic basis of adaptation to a changing environment. She consults on projects related to urban ecosystems, restoration ecology, sustainable building and development, urban greenspace, the history of ecology, and green infrastructure. 

Amy Coombs, PhD Candidate 
ENST 23650 Revolutionizing Agriculture: Early Modern Technologies for the New Millennium

Amy Coombs is a lecturer in the Environmental and Urban Studies major for Winter quarter. Amy is a PhD Candidate in the University of Chicago Department of History. She holds an MS in Forestry and Natural Resources from Purdue, and is currently working on a book that explores the reinvention of seventeenth and eighteenth century agricultural improvements in the modern sustainable and organic farming movements. 

Ray Lodato, PhD
ENST 24765 Exploring the Resilient City
ENST 23100 Environmental Law

Ray Lodato joined the Program on the Global Environment as a full-time lecturer in the Environmental and Urban Studies major in Fall quarter. Ray has served as the Project Director for numerous studies with NORC at the University of Chicago. He headed the Washington State Achievers Longitudinal Survey and Tracking Study (2002-10), where NORC investigated the impact of school reform, scholarship funding and mentorship on the educational and life outcomes of low-income students in Washington State. He has also led projects on the NAACP, TIAA-CREF, and the White House Fellows. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Chicago.  

Affiliated Faculty

Sarah E. Fredericks, Assistant Professor, Divinity School
ENST 23506 Being Human in the Anthropocene

Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, Associate Professor, Department of History
ENST 22708 Planetary Britain, 1600-1900 

Upcoming Events

Fried Public Policy and Service Leader Lunch on Environment and Sustainability
11/15, 12:30-1:30pm, Ida Noyes Hall Room 203

PGE Study Break
11/29, 12-1:00pm, Gates-Blake 113
Celebrate the end of the Quarter and grab some pizza!

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