New Direction of Major featured by University

Reimagining the Environment

Submitted by:  Sarah Zimmerman, College Media Editor, Class of 2017

A classroom doesn’t always need four walls, rows of desks, and a whiteboard. Sometimes, a classroom can be the towering skyscrapers on Michigan Avenue, or the train car on the CTA Green Line, a restoration area on an old industrial site in the Calumet region, or even the small garden tucked away in Woodlawn’s Jackson Park.

Starting this fall, a new track within the newly renamed Environmental and Urban Studies major will allow students additional opportunities to leave the classroom and experience their city as a laboratory, a space to experiment and learn.

“The expansion of the program recognizes the growth of student interest in urban and environmental issues, which has appeared in several of our majors, in internship applications, and in the Chicago Studies Program, among other places,” said John W. Boyer, Dean of the College. “This is a splendid opportunity to organize these initiatives and connect them with the rich context of the city around us.” ...

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