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Meet PGE Alumni!

Check out our new series where we profile Program on the Global Environment alumni! This week, meet Andrew Stevens, an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics at Mississippi State University. See what he's been up to since graduating in 2012!

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A Talk about Sustainable Fashion with Mod + Ethico

Yuna Song is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Studies and Visual Arts. She hopes to dedicate her life towards environmental justice and sustainable fashion after college. In the meantime, she spends her free time feeding her “healthy” addictions to thrifting, indoor gardening, and making sustainable clothes in her room. Read about her visit to Mod + Ethico here!

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Project Update: Alan Kolata and Sabina Shaikh in Cambodia

2017-18 CISSR Faculty Fellows Alan Kolata and Sabina Shaikh have been conducting fieldwork for their project to measure human activities in the Cambodian Region of the Mekong River floodplain and examine how those activities may change given climate change and other human-made developments. In December 2017, they visited Cambodia as part of their CISSR funded research, and provided this photographic account of their journey and observations so here for the full post.

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